About the Author

IMG_8064Chris Marsh grew up in the heart of the English Countryside where the forests and fields were full of wildlife and farm animals. He spent many sunny days on wild adventures and long expeditions—with his mother constantly reminding him to be careful. On rainy days, he’d read, paint, and draw. Years later, it was Chris’s turn to remind his adventurous nieces and nephews. One day when telling them what to do if they ever got lost, he drew on his creative skills and love for animals, and the story of Zips was born.

Zips Goes Wandering

Zips is a zebra, a curious one at that. One day, despite his mum’s warnings, he follows his curiosity across the savannah. After a close brush with a lion and crocodile, Zips discovers he’s lost and far from home. What should a youngster do when he’s lost and alone? Zips seeks finds friends he can trust. Following their advice, he uses his wits to crisscross the savannah till he’s reunited, safe and sound, with his mom.